Need program to generate DB Test Data

  • Can you recommend a program, or other means, to generate lots of DB test data (e.g. 10GB) for performance analysis?

    Optimally, it's easy to setup and use and doesn't cost $4000.


  • Try:

    Steve Jones

  • Bill,

    You could also create your own script, by using a cross join, as in

    USE pubs

    SELECT au_fname, au_lname, pub_name

    FROM authors CROSS JOIN publishers

    ORDER BY au_lname DESC

    I've done that to create a list of 100000 names.

    I created 100 first names, 10 midle initials, and 100 surnames in

    three small tables. Then I created my cross join, and got a lot of data.

    I used a random function to create data in related tables as Zip codes, marital status etc.

    Best regards

    Henrik Staun Poulsen

    Stovi Software


  • I usually do this via a loop.

    Either calling things test0001, test0002 ...

    or by generating random values if the distribution is needed.

    It's quite quick to do.

    Cursors never.
    DTS - only when needed and never to control.

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