Need Help with Pivot / Unpivot SQL

  • Hi

    Can any one help me with query to transfer from position1 to position2 as shown below ?



  • One way to do it that I think should work would be to do a self join.  So something like:

    , [t1].[empl_rcd]
    , [t1].[jobcode] AS [jobcode1]
    , [t1].[joblevel] AS [joblevel1]
    , [t1].[payperiod] AS [payperiod1]
    , [t1].[salary] AS [salary1]
    , [t2].[jobcode] AS [jobcode2]
    , [t2].[joblevel] AS [joblevel2]
    , [t2].[salary] AS [salary2]
    AS [t1]
    AS [t2]
    ON [t1].[empID] = [t2].[empID]
    AND [t1].[emprcd] = [t2].[emprcd]
    AND [t2].[payperiod] = 2
    WHERE[t1].[payperiod] = 1;

    NOTE - I have no data to test if this works, I am just going off of my gut feeling.  Plus, this will ONLY work with payperiod being either 1 or 2.  As soon as you have more pay periods you want to work with, the code will fail.  I do not see a way to pivot the data you are asking about using the PIVOT or UNPIVOT syntax, but maybe another expert will have a better solution.

    If you can provide some sample data and DDL, it would make it easier to build up some solutions.

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