Need Help with Oracle-TOAD Query

  • New to SQL and need help. Using Oracle-TOAD. Get an error: ORA-00933 command not properly ended. Thanks!

    select DISTINCT clm_id

    ,SUM(clm_pd_amt) AS c_p_a

    ,MAX(r_date) AS ran_date

    ,MIN(clm_stat) AS c_stat


    WHERE clm_stat in (5,8)

    AND clm_type IN ('r', 'p')

    AND svc_date between '20190101' and '20191231'

    AND pd_date >= '20190101'

    AND pd_date <= '20200131'

    AND year = 2019

    GROUP BY clm_id, clm_pd_amt, r_date, clm_stat

  • This is a double post.  Did none of the answers in the previous thread help?

    The query is identical...


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