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    As part of development task I have to write a SQL logic for the below 6 scenarios, I have achieved desired result in my query using Case Statement but I want to know is there any other options(ways) where I can write query without using Case Statements to achieve the same result using sub-query or window function?

    Table 1 - This table will have User Account Type & Subscription Amount

    Table 2 - This table will have User Information.

    2019-10-13 00_00_27-Book1 - Excel

    Note: I'm not is allowed to share my script from this computer. Sorry for that.

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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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    Why do you want to avoid using a case expression?  Why are you not allowed to share the script?

    Seriously, if you're asking for help with what appears to be a homework question with no DDL, sample data or expected results, and you can't show us what you've already tried, then I think you're going to draw a blank.


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    I have come up with the perfect solution for you.  It is really quick, and doesn't use case statements, and does everything you want.

    Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share that script from this computer. Sorry for that.

    But trust me, its really good.


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