Need help on ssrs report parameters or expression

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    I have created an SSRS report that renders a table from my DB. I have created a multi-value text parameter separate by ','

    In My dataset, I use (WHERE col1 IN (@parm))  and the data set parameter,  I have the expression : =split(Parameters!Myvalue.Value,",")

    All work fine when I run the report and enter in 1 or multiple value.... BUT I'd like when type in the text box  * or leave it blank, it will load ALL Data... Please advise how I can do this.



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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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    Try adding to your query something like:

    WHERE (col1 IN (@parm) or @parm IS NULL)

    Then in Visual Studio make sure the parameter @parm can be NULL.

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    Set a default value to the parameter and validate against that default to identify blanks.

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