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  • Nita Reddy

    SSCarpal Tunnel

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    I want to get output as

    X hours and x minutes ( 1 hours and 30 minutes) how do I get output from below query


    CAST((rs.redo_queue_size/rs.redo_rate/60.0) as decimal(10)) [estimated_recovery_time_minutes]

    from sys.availability_replicas r

    inner join sys.dm_hadr_database_replica_states rs on r.replica_id = rs.replica_id

    Right now I am getting 200 Minutes, but I need 3 hours and 20 minutes



  • Mike01


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    I don't have any data returned when I run your query, but could you run something like this?


    declare @i int = 200

    select @i/60 as hours, @i % 60 as minutes

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  • Nita Reddy

    SSCarpal Tunnel

    Points: 4158

    Thanks it worked for me


    Thanks once again

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