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  • Hi Raj,

    Although in reporting services we are just using its graphs, tabular report and emailing feature, there are some other really cool things we can do, like report linked to a clickable bar on a graph etc. and the good thing is most of the features do not require coding but merely defining data set and positioning it on a web page. Is this possible or not?

    I require a sample or an article on this if possible. or some help if available anywhere ???

    Shamshad Ali.

  • FYI, hyperlinks are available in charts.. I know it for a fact since I demonstate this all the time with custom reports and MS even has this in a sample report that comes with 2005.

    SSRS is an amazing product..

  • A client wanted a "Previous Page" link in a report that was hyperlinked from another report. Kind of like a history.go(-1);

    I know you can't use javascript in RS but is something like this doable?

    Forgot to mention that several high-level reports have an ID that is hyperlinked to this one detailed report.



  • Navigation in reports is ok...but i was trying to get the same navigation when we export the report in any of the format...Is it possible to do the same in pdf(after export)...Till date i have not found any solution for that.... any body know how to do this...

  • Is it possible to navigate from one report, to a specific table on another report, using the "Jump to Report" hyperlink option, or do I have to use a URL instead?

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