Native SQL Backups for Amazon RDS Databases

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  • This is an amazing article! Straight to the point, and highlights that we all will need to re-learn how to do basic stuff when we go to Cloud - which is inevitable at this point. I got interested specially in the command to cancel tasks that are running, as having no access to "KILL" is a killer for me...

  • Is there a cost estimator for this?

  • Thanks for the article, quite interesting.

    Still, it does not mention any word about the files/filegroups and eventually partitioning that is generally used behind the scene on big SQL Server "on premises".

    Having (at minima) one file per CPU is best practice. Is there any "easy command" to take a backup defining a number of targeted files, or at restore time without any need to script all this "at posteriori" ?

    What would be your recommendation for people wanting to test the cloud RDS and compare on premises fat DBs ?



  • Awesome, well-written, thorough, and very clear! Thank you.

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