Named Link BBCode bug

  • I think I figured out what is causing the bug to incorrectly reformat certain links such that they are no longer a link and end with "/[url]" being visible.


    URL-only links work just fine:



    But, I just noticed that if I save a named link:

    [url=some_URL]text instead of URL[/url]


    it gets saved as (notice the extra "url " at the beginning of the opening tag):

    [url url=some_URL]text instead of URL[/url]


    which renders as:

    text instead of URL[/url]

    It seems that the "=" immediately after the initial "url" is the issue. I emphasized "immediately" because I found that if I put a space between the "url" and the "=", and enclose the URL in double-quotes, then it works:

    [url ="some_URL"]text instead of URL[/url]

    So, I think there is a bad regex expression (or similar pattern matching dealy) on a filter / transform that is called on incoming text.


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