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  • Awesome syntax!


  • Where is My BOOK...?

    Sometimes, winning is not an issue but trying.
    You can check my BLOG
    [font="Arial Black"]here[/font][/url][/right]

  • Excellent Question .....:)

  • I had to guess at this question and I did get it right. I then verified what would happen running this in sql 2005 and got no error which I thought was correct and that is why I guessed right, there was no error.

    However the outcome of the execution was an empty result set. That was a bit confusing.

    I'm running 9.00.1406.00


    Not all gray hairs are Dinosaurs!

  • Hi all, I've been away for a few. To answer your question Miles, try eliminating the line break in the URL. It was put in for formatting purposes, but it doesn't belong in there.

  • Atif Sheikh (7/15/2008)

    Where is My BOOK...?

    Hi Atif,

    If Steve notified you that you won then it should be mailed out to you shortly. I believe it's being mailed out directly from the publisher.



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