#N/A appears a measure value in Excel 2007

  • I recently fielded three different cubes in Analysis Services 2005 SP2, one from one project, and two from another. They are accessed via a single group for permissions. All users are using Excel 2007, but a subgroup of users only see measure values for one of the cubes from the second set (ie one from the project with two cubes). Each measure of the of the other two cubes shows up as "#N/A". All the dimensions show up properly. Other users have no problems with either cube. The result for an individual user is the same regardless of machine, but there is no difference among the permissions.

    There is a hotfix for the same symptom, but we haven't checked the read contingent box, only the read box.

    Has anyone seen this and if so, what did you do about it.


  • While providing permissions to the set of olap cubes by defining a role, you will come across a option screen "Cell Data". Here you are allowed to choose a specific cube, and provide permissions against three check boxes "1. Enable Read Permissions" / "2. Enable read-contingent permissions" / "3. Enable read/write permissions". If you are enabling a perticular check box, you need to supply an appropriate MDX query for it to filter the data.

    If you have enabled a check box, and not aupplied an apprioriate MDX query, then #N/A appears in the measure values.

    To resolve this you have two choices

    A. Don't check any of the check boxes

    B. If you check, make sure you have a valid MDX query supporting that option, to be run by the server for enforcing that filter.

    Hope this resolves your issue



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