multisubnet configuration

  • Good morning all ,

    I am in an alwayson multisubnet configuration,

    the listen and configured with 3 IP addresses in the configuration of my application I am unable to set the value multisubnet failover = true

    it is an installation script where there is only icon to put the name of the server and the name of the database as well as the login and the password of the connection during configuration

    I always have timeout Who has any idea how I can adapt my application with the fact that I am with a multisbnet listen thank you for your help

  • You will need to disable register all IP addresses at the cluster level, this will then only register the primary IP that is in use (note you may have to delete to other entries from DNS), this then means when you failover the group that you will have to wait for DNS propagation to take place once the new IP has been updated and synced to the clients which you will need to ask your windows admin teams how long that takes in your environment.

  • this is taken by default from framwork 4.6

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