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  • Love this feature and I love TV Out cards. I have an ATI AllInWOnder I have had for 3 years and never tire of all I can do, but can't wait for the Radeon 8500DV to hit the price I want. I also have a TV Out capable GeForce in my laptop which has been so usefull. And I am currently working on getting the second card myself and hope to soon (may raid a spare machine when no one is looking).

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  • Very cool Steve! Did not know you could do this and the wheels are already turning to see how I can swing this here. Thanks!




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  • This is actually very cool. So nice to work a query in one window and something else in another.

    This was run on W98 as well (and XP). I did this 7 years ago with a special video card ($600+) for data entry people in a mostly paperless office.

    Give it a try. Tell your boss your video card failed!

    Steve Jones

  • Might try it too. Been thinking it would be nice to have Perfmon on a monitor on the wall or something, cycling through various servers so I can glance up to see whats going on.


  • This sounds interesting and we certainly have enough spare monitors around. We probably have extra video cards too.

    How do you move from one screen to the other? How do you control what goes on one screen and what goes on the other?

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  • the two screens are both your desktop. You configure in Control Panel | display the orientation (up/down, side to side). Your mouse then moves easily as if it were one screen.

    So in my case, when I click the start menu and then move the mouse to the right, when it reaches the end of the first monitor, it moves to the second. I can then drag windows and things from one monitor to the other.

    I set mine up with QA, Excel, mail messages on one window. Outlook, Word, EM on the other. After a few weeks I found which things I use together and separated these out. I can always move them, but they remember the last location. BTW, maximize only does to that window. Kind of nice.

    Steve Jones

  • Definately very cool and productive with dual monitors. Even if you dont actively work in the second monitor space, it's nice to have PerfMons or Outlook running there, always within view.

    Another tip: switch boxes. I also have a test server under my desk, utilizing a switch box (the brandname is "Blackbox Personal ServSwitch"), to toggle my monitor / keyboard / mouse from my PC to the test server. Really nice way to work when you do need a second computer.

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