Multiple datasets

  • I created a RS report that contains 2 datasets.  The first dataset calls a stored procedure that populates a table.

    The second dataset contains a select statement that pulls from the table that is populated via the stored procedure in the first dataset.  Dataset2 is the source for the report.

    My problem is that dataset1 correctly populates the table yet when I preview the report, the report shows 0 records. 

    Any help would greately be appreciated.


  • Does the first dataset create a table in SQL or a table in the report?  If it creates a table in the report I don't think there is a way to do what you want.  If you are creating/populating a table in SQL with dataset 1 I am wondering how you are executing the dataset if the report is generated from dataset 2. 

  • The first dataset runs a stored procedure that populates an existing sql table. I am using parameters within the first dataset which are passed along to the sp.  The second dataset uses the table populated by the first dataset as the source for the report. 

    To get around the problem, I added a select statement at the end of sp that references the table.  This seems to work so I was able to get down to just one dataset.

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