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    I have a report with at least 57 columns where I want to display a different background color for each of three departments and a different color font for each of two categories within the departments.  Additionally I only want to background color to display for months where the project is active, not the entire line.  I can pivot my data and put it in a report instead of a matrix, but the query is getting really ugly and I may have to use a dynamic query to achieve my goal unless I can get the matrix to format things the way I want.  That query is done.  Attached is a snip from an Excel spreadsheet example of what I am trying to accomplish.

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    If the data is grouped, you can try using IIF statements in the background color.


         =Iif(Fields!YourValue.value) = "Detail", "Blue", Iif(Fields!YourValue.Value) = "Shop", "Green", Iif(Fields!Yourvalue.Value) = "Install", "Yellow", "White")))

    You can customize the cells as much as you want to, just include an additional Iif for each color.

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