MSSQL Server, error number: 2601

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    I setup transaction replication between sql 2000 (Publisher and local distributor) and sql 2005 (Subscriber).

    The db replication was running fine until I implemented a small change on Publisher server.

    exec sp_changearticle 'KM_Data', 't_table1', 'del_cmd', 'NONE'


    I run the initial database snapshot and it was completed.

    Then, I got an error on:

    "Cannot insert duplicate key row in object'dbo.t_table2' with unique index 'aaa_t_table2_PK' (Source MSSQLServer, Error number: 2601)"

    Please help and advise.



  • Vivien Xing


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    Where did you get this error?

    Is this link related to your case?

    BOL mentioned this error in details:

  • Ed7

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    Yes!!! Thanks for help.


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