MSOLAP.8 and a Cached Perspective for Excel 2016?

  • It seems that recently a bug has surfaced for Excel 2016 users, whom are using the main perspective in a tabular database i inherited...when a particular filter is applied, it seems to get cached, I traced the database and reviewed the command, and the query end command is posting a QueryEnd request... and when this command is executed in SSMS, the results are as expected off the Perspective... why should clearing the cache be necessary if the data loading process is executed as Process Full?

              [Date].[Fis Year].[All] 
      ) DIMENSION PROPERTIES parent_unique_name, hierarchy_unique_name ON COLUMNS 
    WHERE ( 
            [Measures].[Net Sales] 
          ) CELL PROPERTIES value, format_string, language, back_color, fore_color, 

    <ClearCache xmlns="">
      <DatabaseID> Adventure Works DW Multidimensional</DatabaseID>

    -- Francisco

  • I see this issue is patched in CU8

    -- Francisco

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