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    5 years ago I use to have an annual MSDN Subscription which enabled me to download versions of

    • Win OS's
    • SQL Server
    • Visual Studio

    As a freelance developer the subscription service was great learning and development testing different versions of MS products.

    Looking now I see that MSDN does not exist anymore. Wanted to see what has replaced MSDN and if the Visual Studio Subscription Service provides the same functionality or not.

    Ultimately I need to be able to use diferent versions of Visual Studio and SQL Server as and when I support clients using different versions.

    Couldn't find a suitable place forum to put this into.




  • frederico_fonseca


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    for list of included software and more specifically the spreadsheet on the link above


    As you are a freelancer you will most likely also be able to avail of Microsoft Action Pack - if you can then its even better as you have specific licenses that can be used for production use as well as 3 VS Professional licenses

    MAPS is around 300-400 Euro/USD per year which makes it cheaper than any VS edition.

    EDIT: But you will need to confirm with Microsoft if the VS Pro licenses included with MAPS is not limited on software version  as the standard MAPS allows you to use the latest version of the software only.



  • lockered

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    Thanks you frederico_fonseca looking into this now.

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