MSDE & SQL Server 2000

  • I had MSDE installed as a part of Share Point Team Services with OfficeXP. One fine day it stopped responding. I tried an uninstall of MSDE which failed midway. I repeated the process of trying to uninstall it and it gave me the error saying "uninist.isu" was not found. I guess it deleted it midway through the failed uninstall process.

    Now my MSDE will not work and neither will SQL Server 2000 which I installed after this whole episode. However, I can remove SQL Server 2000 but MSDE continues to linger on my system, and I cannot remove it.

    Any ideas? Insights?

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  • This is a link to an MS msi clean utility that may help. It doesn't list the MSDE product as one of the covered installs but, I believe that is an MSI install and if so, this "should" work. Worth a try.




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  • David, thats a pretty interesting utility I'll have to remember. Only had problems with msi once or twice, but it was a pain when I did!


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