MSDE 2000 upgrade to SQL enterprise edition .

  • We have an application on MSDE 2000 version with SP4. the errog log is filled up with the message "" This SQL Server has been optimized for 8 concurrent queries. This limit has been exceeded by 2 queries and performance may be adversely affected. ""

    So, we thought the solution would be upgrading it to SQL enterprise edition.

    can you please let me know the procedure or checklist to upgrade from MSDE 2000 to SQL enterprise 2000 ??

    What are the consideration to be taken before we do the upgrade??



  • May I ask you a question. Why upgrading to SQL 2000, particulary the most expensive version? This will still leave you 8 years behind the existing technology. A point Microsoft stopped supporting SQL 2000 in April of this year.

    Have you considered upgrading to SQL 2005 Express - which by the way is a freebie.

    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


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  • It is advisable to upgrade to sql 2005 instead of sql 2000 again to different edition as previous poster mentioned...

    but it is your call and requirement...

    Here is the link which will provide the info for upgrade...

    How to perform an edition upgrade within SQL Server 2000 (Setup)

    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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