Moving DTS Packages from production to test

  • SQLGuy64

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    Would it be possible to write a vb application that:

    Reads all the SQL 2000 DTS pakages on a server saved at location SQL Server. 

    Save them as VB projects. 

    Loops through the saved  VB projects and reset global variables that relate to database connectivity.


    Want to automate moving packages from production to test.

    thanx, andy


  • Jeff Gray


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    Yes, you could.  I wouldn't do it that way.  For one thing, it is a lot of work.  The other thing I don't like about that is that when you save a package in VB, all of the pretty package formatting is not preserved. 

    Have a look a the BOL for "Dynamic Properties task".  You can set connection properties dynamically, usually in the first step of a package.



  • SQLGuy64

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    OK, thanx

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