Moving an excrypted Database with always on to SQL Standard Edition

  • alnor

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    Hi Guys


    Have got a request to move a database from SQL Enterprise Edition to SQL Standard Edition both SQL 2017


    The Database will be encrypted and part of an always on Configuration.

    I know sql standard edition does not support encryption so believe I will have to break the

    always on configuration and the encryption before backing up then reinstate the encryption and always on, unless someone

    has any suggestions.

    Has anyone had to do this.



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    Do you have enough space on one of the AG nodes to restore a copy of the database?  You don't want to break the AG if you can help it as that's your HA/DR solution so if you have enough space or can add enough space (even if its temporary) that would be the preferred option to go down.

    Then restore it, remove encryption, double check your not using any Enterprise only features, backup, restore to Standard edition.

  • alnor

    Say Hey Kid

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    Thank You

    Will take a look - see if that will work.



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