Move an Existing Log Shipping Database to a New Monitor Server

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  • Thanks for the article.

  • Two questions:

    - No. 3: "You will get this error as the wizard tries to validate the link connection to the monitor server, but we still need to configure a few more things before this will work" - what are the "few more things"?

    - No. 4: Is the statement correct? It seems strange to set the NetName to nothing, so it would be nice to see at least a comment, why / what this does in the article.

  • The extra steps you still need to do after the error they are all in step 4. As for the setnetname thanks for catching that it looks like the code got cut off. I edited the article to correct it so it should be updated shortly. What it should say is: exec sys.sp_setnetname 'linkNameFromStep1', 'New Monitor Server Name'

    When the linked server is set up it uses the long full LOGSHIPLINK... name from setp 1 and you need to set the net name to the netbios name of the new monitor server.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for you post. #

    I want to remind that in the books online, changing the monitor server is not supported. Saying that, I think that it can be done somehow.


    Once the monitor server has been configured, it cannot be changed without removing log shipping first.

    After creating the new linked server y think that there are more additional steps, isn't it? How can we modify or notify to the primary and secondary (or secondaries) to report to the new monitor server? You mentioned five steps on the top of the page... is there any missing one?

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  • Thanks for the comment! The 5 steps is confusing as there are actually 7. When I started the article I only had 5 then I broke a few steps up and ended up with 7. I updated the article to be less confusing.

    As for your question, yes after creating the linked server you DO need to update the primary, secondary, and the new monitor server. In the article step 5 is for gathering the info from the primary and secondary that you need to update the new monitor server to know about the primary and secondary server. Step 6 is how to update the new monitor server with the info from step 5. And finally step 7 is how to update the primary and secondary server to point to the new monitor server.

    For the books online it does say that you cant change the monitor server with out rebuilding log shipping. For small databases that isnt an issue its pretty quick to rebuild that but in my case I had a 5tb database that we needed to move to a new monitor server. We couldnt afford to go without log shipping for the few days it would take to re-replicate So I poked around did some testing and came up with this solution. If done correctly you log shipping should continue as normal and the new server will just pick up where the old one left off. But as with any change you definitely want to test it first.

  • Thanks a lot! Much appreciated.

  • Just a quick heads up: I have just realized. On my Firefox browser I can not see the steps from 5 to 7 and on Edge and Chrome steps 5 to 7 code seems wrong formatted. Are you having the same issue?

  • its not just you I think the formatting gets messed up when I edit the page let me fix it. Should be fixed shortly after I submit it.

  • Thanks a lot for the write-up. I just happened to run into this changing monitoring server problem and with your samples it worked like a charm - much appreciated!
    BTW, there is no step 3 between 2 and 4, kinda confusing at first 🙂

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