Most unhelpful error message?

  • Carl Federl

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    Anyone else have a story about unhelpful error messages?

    Got an error message "an invalid directory pathname was passed" during SQL Server 2014 install, when specifying the service accounts.

    The cause was entering the account with a forward slash instead of a backslash. Usually I do these from home on my 23" monitor but this was done at a client with a 12" laptop screen, so did not notice the difference.

    Domain/account produced a invalid directory message.

    Domain\account is the correct format.

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  • Phil Parkin

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    At least you didn't get this.

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  • tindog

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    Used to use a marketing suite with some very unhelpful error messages. It used NSQL IIRC, and many of the errors were along the lines of "Error: No error".

    I do not miss it.

  • benjamin.reyes


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    I would occasionally get an error with a SQL 7 box that would just have the Ok button and no message.

  • Alan Burstein

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    There's one out there that I've seen since SQL Server 6.5. It reads something like:

    The query failed to process for the following reason(s):

    The operation completed successfully

    The one that drives me the most nuts though is

    String or binary data would be truncated

    SQL knows which column it is but doesn't want to share this info with you. That one drives me the most nuts, especially when it's a really wide table with many columns.

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