More MVPs Than Awards

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  • In truth, while I am impressed and somewhat flattered when an MVP pauses to answer one of my questions, I am just as grateful when anyone in the community answers one of my questions. So Microsoft or no Microsoft title, you are all my MVP's.

    Thank you.



  • Good article. And as others have said, I want to thank those who are Microsoft MVPs, and those who weren't "bronze level" and above, for your help on the numerous questions I've asked that you've answered.

    Thank you all, very much!

    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • Just out of curiosity, how does Microsoft inform someone they have been awarded MVP status?

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  • You are notified when you are considered and asked to provide info on your community work.

    When you are awarded or reawarded, itnis through email.


    Usually MS sends a courtesy email when they are not going to reaward you

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