Monitor up-time and connectivity with Powershell

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  • Nice work, thanks.

  • Thanks for the share. Might especially be good for people/companies that don't have budget for 3rd-party platform polling applications. Could loop list of servers\instances + have another PS process that scans logs for the errors and sends alerts.

  • I had a similar need to monitor that a database was accessible, but it also needed to check that web servers were also up. I wrote a Windows service in C# .Net that ran at periodic intervals to check the health of a systems that I supported. There was a service for each system being monitored. One system has three web servers to check (one was a failover server), four databases, and an Active Directory system.

    If there was a database failure, it would notify the DBA team by email; if there was a network error, it would also notify the server hosting team. The server hosting team would be notified of web server errors.

  • Good start ... very useful for places where there is no budget for monitoring SQL. You could even bundle in a couple of example SQL scripts. Like backup taken within last 24hrs, etc...

    Couple of suggestions for improvement.

    1) include the Comment Based Help ( This works in with the get-help cmdlet to provide documentation for your script.

    2) add a finally { ... } block to your try { ... } catch { ... }. In there you would check if the SQL connection is still open and close it.


    finally {

    if ($cn.State -eq "Open") {




    3) Change your SQL Server, database, login variables to parameters. See



    Colt 45 - the original point and click interface

  • Thanks. Great article and script.

    Just one question, is there a way to do this without revealing the users password in the script or in the run command if using parameters?

    Rgds, Dave.

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