Monitor data and update it conditionally

  • Hi,

    Is there a way for monitoring data in a table and update it when it exists in the table longer than a period of time?

    For example, a table has a column called "measure", if the column contained value > 0 longer than 15 minutes then update it to be 0.

    Any help would be appreciated.




  • Write a batch that periodically checks new items based on a timestamp? Do the records have a modified timestamp? (better to check on one column)

  • Yeah, total agreement with Jo. It's just a question of probing the table on a regular basis to see what the status is. There is no such thing as a time trigger within SQL Server. Instead, you use an external scheduler like SQL Agent or something else. Run a query every fifteen minutes. In that query, don't even do a check and then an update. Just do an update where the criteria matches. Single batch statement and done.

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