Modifying and deleting extended properties

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  • Great article, Adam. I will save it in my briefcase for future reference.

    SQL DBA.

  • Thanks Sanjay, I hope that the series proves useful.


  • Thanks for the article Adam. It is well thought out, and well presented and written. I have used a exists then update or add methodology. I've only ever added extended properties for databases, tables, and stored procedures because I encourage naming to be as self explanatory as possible. However, if the database schema was controlled by a third party, and/or the column names and paramter names were criptic then I could definitely see benefit to describing them with extended properties. One of the potential uses of extended properties is the ability to build a data dictionary which I am hoping you will have a script for in the next article of the series. I have a decent script for doing this in case you don't already have one built. It's not in my coding style so I didn't write it, and regretfully I don't have a comment at the top to give the author proper credit.

  • Hi Toby,

    The next (and final) article does indeed contain scripts to document a data dictionary, using the database metadata - let me know if you like it once it appears.



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