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  • Hello everyone,

    We are designing a new mobile system. This system requires up load/down load data from more than 1500 concurrent mobile connections in a secured environment. Here are my questions. Thanks in advance for your answers.

    1. What SQL server product support mobile system?

    2. Can the product supports the more than 1500 concurrent mobile connections during the data synchronization? They might sync same record from different mobile devices.
    3. What is data transfer speed that SQL server can sync up to?
    4. Where I can find information about limitation on operation system, application language, and mobile device that latest version of the SQL server product supports?
    5. Does data transfer between mobile device and central database server meets DOD secret lever data transfer requirements? If not, what data encryption method(s) I should use? Where I can find those information?
    6. Can I remote configure or update configuration SQL mobile database on a mobile device?
    7. Can SQL mobile database configuration file be password protected? In the other word, if someone got my mobile device, he/she can not change my configuration file.
  • I would suggest getting in touch with a VAR (value added reseller) to help with this.  The reason is that the questions you have asked go way, WAY beyond just the database back-end. 

    Most of the questions asked can be answered with "That depends..."  It depends on the client application, the network infrastructure, the database (and project) design, etc. 

    SQL Server CE supports mobile devices.  This can be synchronized with most SQL Server products.

    For the record, SQL Server CE can use 128-bit encryption -- I am not sure if this fits the DOD requirement, but it should.

    Most info on CE can be found at including white papers on large-scale implementations.

    Joe Johnson

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