Missing mdf extension for database file

  • SueB


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    I have a database in SQL2k (sp3) which is named CodeEnf.  Since I am trying to write some documentation I would like to change the name to CodeEnf.mdf.  I'm not sure how the extension was left off when it was created.  What would be the best way to accomplish this?


  • Ariadne


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    I haven't looked it up, but Alter,Database, and File are the three search words for BOL that comes to mind. Or if that doesn't do the trick, then a restore with a move will allow you rename those files to anything you'd like them to be. If both work, then whichever you want to do would be fine. I don't believe there's a convention on what way is "best" in this circumstance. I do agree that adding the .mdf extension to the file is "best" practice.

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