Missing Daigrams

  • I have noticed recently, that I am no longer able to view or modify any diagrams on my workstation.  I can see the names of the diagrams, but after opening the diagrams, I can't see any of the tables, or even make modifications to them.

    If I go to other workstations or the server, using any login (SA, Administrator, NT Auth), I can see and modify the diagrams, just like i used to on my own workstation. 

    I am, howerver able to create new diagrams and add tables to them.  I can then re-open the diagrams and modify them as needed.  I have all the latest service packs for SQL Server loaded both on my server and workstation.  I also have all the service packs for VS.net and VS6 installed too.

    What gives? 



  • I have the same problem.  Googled for some info, but came up pretty much empty.  Hopefully someone here knows what's up... 

  • Me too, the same problem is on come having installed the last one MDAC 2.8.

    And if I create a new diagram by adding a single table with the option to include dependencies until 5 levels, it does not find them!

    Furthermore, I have to make a new package of installation because my program crash when it tries to execute the DTS from VB6 SP6 !

  • I too am having problems with VB6 SP6, not with SQL Server, just with VB6 in general.  Seems to be a little more unstable than it usually is.

    I am only running MDAC 2.7 and not 2.8.  So maybe it has something to do with VB SP6?

    I have searched numerous SQL Server websites and everything in microsofts web site, but have not been able to find a solution to the SQL Diagram issue. 

  • Hi, Everyone!!!


    I replaced the file mdt2df.dll, now I can build new diagrams, but I can't see old ones. I thank you for the solution.



  • Found a bit more info... http://www.developersdex.com/sql/message.asp?p=1926&ID=%3CA59FC9F1-35DD-488D-9273-1A4AE8109E0A%40microsoft.com%3E.  Seems it may be a VB6 SP6 issue.  I am now getting a problem where if I open a diagram created pre-SP6 I get a GPF crash of EM.  If I create a diagram new and edit it, it seems to be OK (for now...)

  • The problem lies within VB SP6. In order to see the diagrams, locate file MDT2DF.DLL from within SP5 for VB. Copy this to Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/MSDesigners98 and replace the current version. You should then see all diagrams again as normal.

  • Thanks Matthew !

    Your solution is perfect, my problem is fixed now !

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