Migration of simple SPs from 120 to 150 COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL issue.

  • This is one of the procs, which having issues:

    /****** Object: UserDefinedTableType [dbo].[Identifier_type]******/

    CREATE TYPE [dbo].[Identifier_type] AS TABLE(

    [id] [BIGINT] NOT NULL



    CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[WorkerABC_prc]

    (@workerIds Identifier_type READONLY)



    SELECT swm.SyncWorkerId

    FROM SyncWorkerMap swm

    INNER JOIN @workerIds w

    ON swm.SyncWorkerId = w.id

    WHERE swm.IsAuditWorker = 0;



  • Thank you for posting the code - I believe the problem you have is going to be the estimation of rows for the table-valued parameter.  You can try modifying the code using OPTION(RECOMPILE) or you can create a regular temp table from the parameter and use that temp table in the actual query, or you can experiment with enabling trace flag 2453.



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