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    We are looking to move the SQL server to different datacenter. Since it's a standalone instance so it can be moved using V2V or other different options. However, the IP address might change after the move? I am thinking changing from configuration manager would be suffice the IP Address Listened by the SQL Server. Do you agree?

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    You can't just change the IP address locally. That has to go through however you're administering IP addresses within your system. Then, yes, once that IP address changes, you'll have to change anything that refers to it by IP address. Or am I misunderstanding the question?

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    To add to what Grant has posted - unless you have made changes to the instance configuration's TCP/IP settings you don't need to change anything.  The default configuration isn't locked to a specific host IP address...

    Now, if you change the server name - you would need to change that in SQL Server after the migration.

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