• We are migrating SQL from 2000 to 2005.

    I migrated Subscribers from 2000 to 2005 and the replicaiton is not working on that subscriber. I checked the password can someone please give me there feedback


  • Hi

    Can you tell us that Publisher having which version of SQL Server?

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    Rajni Kant Ranjan

    Senior SQL DBA

  • Search around a bit through the user sites / blogs, but as I recall, distributor is the critical component here to have as 2005. Someone out there has a great website regarding SQL replication, and I've lost it.

    For instance:

    If I currently have a publisher and distributor on 2000, and want to upgrade subscribers to 2005... it is necessary for distributor to be of equal or greater versions that subscribers. We are working on this ourselves. In our case, we have test enviroments to set up play senarios.

    Several of our subscribers are planning on upgrading to 2005 before our publisher/distributor combo. I'm considering separating distributor as 2005 and from what I read so far, this will work.

    Sorry if not accuate, as I can't reference anything, but I think/hope so

    Todd Carrier
    MCITP - Database Administrator (SQL 2008)
    MCSE: Data Platform (SQL 2012)

  • Publisher has SQL 2000

  • What is the error messege you are getting?

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