Migrating to and from Azure?

  • I know that with SQL Server, databases are easily migrated from lower versions to higher versions, but migration from a higher versions to lower versions is difficult & complex. You cannot simply restore a backup from SQL 2012 to SQL 2008.

    But what are the restrictions on moving database between SQL Server and Azure? Can databases from SQL 2014 be migrates to Azure? Can a Azure Database be migrated to SQL 2012 or 2008?

  • Databases exist in two places in Azure, in Azure Virtual Machines and in Microsoft Azure SQL Database (MASD). The VMs act exactly like physical boxes or VMs local to your environment. You can backup and restore databases, whatever. Anything goes, same as dealing with your local instances. The databases in MASD are completely different. You can't run a standard restore. So, any movement of an entire database is done through scripting. You can export structures as a DACPAC and then run them in MASD. Data can be moved through SSIS and other choices. But the simple attach/detach or backup/restore processes are gone.

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