Migrating Sql Server

  • Can someone tell me how to migrate the sql server instance to a different drive on the same server. There are several user databases including the system databases. I want to move the entire instance from one drive to a new drive and free up the drive space where the current instance is located. Please give me a quick and best option to do this. Also let me know what are the ramnifications. 

    This databases are used by the business object for repository. DO I need to change any configuration on the business object server after I move the database to the new location ??


  • Do I need to reinstall sql server on the other drive and then do a backup of each of the databases and restore it to the new location ?? Or the steps are coompletely different. I was trying to copy the database using the database wizard and it doesn't accept the destination server to be the same server. I have not worked with sql server and I need to complete this task asap, any advice will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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