Migrating Data Warehouse Systems to SQL Server 2005

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  • Good article Vincent! I just came across this researching our options for our 2005 conversion. It appears from your article, that you brought over your DTS packages to 2005 and ran them as DTS, not converted to SSIS. It also appears that the databases these DTS packages read and updated were 2005 databases? Is that a true statement? This is what we would like to do, convert all of our application databases, to 2005, but not go through the work to convert all the DTS to SSIS, just run them as 2000 packages and connect to the 2005 databases.

  • Yes that is correct, Abeljda. We converted it that way because of the same reason: because we wanted to be up and running asap in 2005 with minimal effort and time for conversion. After that we then convert the DTS bit by bit, package by package, gradually whenever we have the time.

  • Very good Vincent, that makes sense to me. Care to share any other items you ran into in that approach or did it work pretty well all in all for you? That sounds just like what we want to do, convert the old packages as it makes business sense to do so.

  • Hi Vincent,

    I did a migration in the last months, too.

    Very good is the decision to keeo the dts packages running as they are in SQL 2005 and migrate them step by step. To open dts packages in Management studio under Administration -> Legacy you have to install the dts wizard from the Feature Pack.

    The migration wizard for SSAS is a pretty bad tool. Dimension hierarchies in 2000 are not migrated as 1 dimension with x hierarchies but as x dimensions. Virtual Cubes are migrated as separate cubes with linked measure groups and some other things are pretty strange. Maybe it is OK if you only work with such micky mouse cubes like in the Adventure works database, but not if you have enterprise requirements.

    We recreated all cubes/measure groups from scratch and I still think that it was the better decision.

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  • "There is no 64-bit design-time or run-time support for Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages that were created in earlier versions of SQL Server."

    So I'm guessing you didn't have to deal with x64?

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