Migrating Data from ORACLE to SYBASE

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    One of my co worker pinged me and asked "is there any tool or jobs available to migrate data from ORACLE to SYBASE", then i suggested to use SQLSERVER DTS package to move data from ORACLE to SYBASE.

    I would like to know whether my suggestion is correct or wrong.

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    I go for 'SqlServer DTS Package'.This is very user friendly, readable and maintainable.



    ....you can use 'DTS Package' which is an inbuilt tool coming along with SQLSERVER. As I said earlier, you don't need any prior Knowledge (like ETL) to run this DTS package. Because it is a wizard, so you can easily catch up the packages.


  • There really is no right or wrong here. Not sure of the tools available for Sybase, though BCP is there. Oracle?

    DTS/SSIS works great and could easily move data from Oracle to Sybase, and if you have the skills, I'd use that. There might be better tools out there, but I'm not familiar with them.

  • Steve,

    Thanks for your feedback. I also suggested them to use 'DTS'.

    If you came to know any tools apart from this one,Please let me know.


  • DTS or BCP thats the only way. really



  • The recommend tools for the migration are:

    · PowerDesigner for the data schema creation

    · BCP (Sybase Bulk Copy) or CIS (Sybase Component Integration Services) for

    moving the data


    · export the Oracle data

    · import into Sybase ASE

    Ref: Oracle to Sybase ASE Migration Guide


  • MnMTK migrated data to SAP/ Sybase


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