Microsoft SQL over IPSEC VPN TPLink routers - 2 locations

  • Hi Experts.

    We recently set up a second location. our software at our first location accesses the onsite server (windows Server2022) and this software uses SQL. Everything is very snappy and works well.

    We then set up the second location with IPSEC to create a VPN. All the mapped drives work well, no connection or speed issues. We then wanted to set up the software locally and access the SQL remotely over the VPN.

    Originally the second location was using Remote Terminal to access the first location server.

    The software company advised that they do not like accessing SQL over a VPN network but we have tried anyway.

    Problem is that it can be a bit glitchy, not as smooth as when using RTS. Does SQL not function well across a VPN? or do we need to change some settings etc?


    thank you!


  • It isn't SQL that is the problem - it would be network latency between sites causing the issues or maybe the routing on the network.  SQL Server receives the request, processes the query and sends the results back to the client - so any latency will have an effect on how the application functions.

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