Microsoft Reporting Services 2005 Features and Enhancements

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  • Thanks Kamran, useful article for those of us familiar with RS2000, good to know some of what RS2005 has to offer.

    Especially like the intellisense and date picker features, nice additions to the toolset.


  • Thanks Kamran,

    I am starting to look at the new reporting facility and I thought I would have to upgrade to SQL 2005 in order to use the new reporting features. It seems that I can continue using my SQL 2000 databases to produce reports using RS2005. 

    However, it seems I have to install SQL 2005 to use RS2005. I presume I will have to install SQL 2005 in another server, etc. etc. Am I OK?


  • According to the best of my knowledge it is not possible to use these new features in SQL Server 2000: Microsoft has not released any patch yet to accomplish the 'porting-back' of these new features to SQL Server 2000.

    You are correct in saying that you will have to install SQL 2005 to use the new capabilities in the reporting services area

  • Kamran,

    Thanks for your response. The information is very vague on the Microsoft site. I think you are confirming what I thought: if I need to use RS2005 I need SQL 2005 installed & all my databases converted. This might be a good "comercial way" to draw people to the new SQL 2005.


  • Its not really vauge, if you want to use RS2005 features you need a sql2005 Reporting server. However you can choose to have a sql2000, textfile or even an Oracle database to provide you with the "data" that you want to display.

    So in other words, you need to have a SQL2005 with the reporting server databases. Not all your "regular" databases.

  • Hey its reaaly a nice article.. but have one question for you..

    While integrating report in web application using ReportViewer control..... Calendar and Multivalued parameters doesn't work. Its a new feature added to Reporting Services then why it doesn't work when shown in ReportViewer or there are any prerequisites for them to work properly.

    Waiting for reply.

  • Neeta,

    When you say "doesn't work" what do you mean by that exactly? Does the control not show up, or the values do not get passed on to the database? Remember, in case of Multivalued Parameters your stored procedure should be able to handle these since they will be passed on to the DB all at once

  • Hi, can anyone help with these stupid Multi-valued parameters!? Basically, the Report is doing a Search and Replace in my Query Text instead of just passing the parameter in "as is".

    For example, assume the value of the parameter should be "1,2":

    Select * From SomeTable Where ID IN(Select Value From dbo.ufn_Split(@Value)) Or @Value Is Null

    INSTEAD, SRSS is rewriting my query to this:

    Select * From SomeTable Where ID IN(Select Value From dbo.ufn_Split(N'1', N'2')) Or N'1', N'2' Is Null

    Which then produces the following error:

    "Query execution failed...Incorrect syntax near ',' "

    Well, duh! Stop re-factoring my query!!!

  • Hi Kamran

    Thanx for the article....

    I have one issue while using my report..

    i am using a store proc which has multiple parameters...From Date , To Date , Status ....

    Now, my problem is while using the report , i have to select both dates and the status to get the data.....

    which is not necessary..

    i may want to select only status parameter and not the dates.....

    Plz help buddy....

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