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    I've been tasked with exploring whether we could implement Multi Factor Authentication for our SSRS.  I know next to nothing about MFA and there is precious little out there on the internet specifically related to both of these subjects.  Our SSRS is deployed from a SQL Server in Azure and we use AD for user authentication to log in.

    Anyone have any insight into whether this can actually be done or where to go to get more info?

    Thanks much!

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • ....Is there anyone out there who has any info on whether SSRS can be set up with Multi Factor Authentication?

  • Maybe able to do it with an application proxy,, but I would be going down the PowerBI route now instead of SSRS, it gets more love from Microsoft and you can do MFA with PBI easily.

  • Thanks, Ant-Green.  Our plan is to migrate to PBI but some reports just cannot move to PBI because the functionality we use doesn't exist there yet.


    Isn't there the ability to link back to SSRS reports from within PBI?  So if the users all start logging into PBI instead of the SSRS site (with MFA!), they can click on a link in the PBI page to get back to run their reports in the SSRS site.  Wouldn't that solve our authentication requirement?  Or am I missing something?

  • PBI can link to certain parts of SSRS reports, gauges, datasets etc, don’t know if it can link to a whole report though.

    If you want MFA you will need to use a proxy or move to something which already integrates with MFA.

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