Merge Replication problem after table deletions

  • Hi

    Overnight we deleted 4 million rows out of on table on the subscriber database with merge replication enabled on it.

    The deletion took 2 hours but only 1.6 million records replicated across.

    There was a query timeout error in replication monitor.

    We restarted replication and this query runs and eventually times out, even when we extend the query timeout to 20 minutes

    update top (@median_changes_per_gen) dbo.MSmerge_tombstone with (rowlock)

                    set generation = @target_gen

                    where generation = @gen and tablenick = @art_nick

    There are over 4 million rows in the tombstone table, 3974211 are for the table we performed the deletion on last night.

    We are worried that if we take down  replication and remove this article then the snapshot process will lose changes other than the deletions on the subscriber database that haven’t been replicated yet.

    Would it be possible to delete out the records for the table we deleted from the MSmerge_tombstone table? I don't mind if the tables where the deletion took place is not synchronsied between the two databases



  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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