Merge and trans one direction replication

  • I really only have 5 days knowledge on replication but my question is 2 fold:

    1. What does the 'ExchangeType' setting of the merge object do, as it evidently does not set merge replication to only work in one direction (e.g. to do merge only from the subscriber to the publisher, and not back)

    2. With trans repl, the wizard and scripts automatically add a field named 'msrepl_tran_version' by dropping and recreating the table (if you select not to drop the table and only delete the content, the replication breaks stating invalid table, because it ain't there). Is there a way to add this column without dropping the table first, offcourse without me adding the column myself, or writing my own script. (There is already data in the tables.)



  • I'd have to check on merge, rarely use it. For transactional I think you only need to add the column if you're doing updating subscribers. In SQL2K you can add columns without a lot of work via the replication wizard. I've got a couple articles posted here on the site that go into a little detail.


  • There are three different ways you can use merge replication by using the ExchangeType

    Property the default is merging changes from both subscriber and publisher which is ExchangeType -3.

    You can only replicate data in one direction i.e from publisher to subsciber or Subscriber to Publisher u have to set the exchange type at the merge agent.

    ExchangeType 1 from Subscriber to publisher

    ExchangeType 2 From Publisher to Subscriber

    ExchangeType 3 (Bidirectional)* Default

    Aleem A Mohammed

    Aleem A Mohammed

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