Memory utilization shown on DMV sys.dm_db_resource_stats

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    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone please bit more details on what is this metric "avg_memory_usage_percent"exactly tell us in AzureSQL database?

    Documentation above says this.


    decimal (5,2)

    Average memory utilization in percentage of the limit of the service tier.

    This includes memory used for buffer pool pages and storage of In-Memory OLTP objects.


    However, when I look at PLE counters on the server it's always giving more than lower expected value. Minimum value I'm expecting

    (Allocated Memory/4)*300   --I would expect on allocated 17GB memory it will be around 1200)

    The value is always way way over (9000+ ) than what should be minimum making me think there's no memory pressure. But avg_memory_usage_percent is telling me memory utilization is more than 97%.

    Any idea if the metric "avg_memory_usage_percent" is a good metric to look at memory utilization? If not is there anything else you guys are aware of?





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    Memory use within Azure is pretty much the same as within SQL Server. Over time, it's going to go to near 100% allocation, always. It includes the cache, so your queries are going to load that up over time and, as you say, without any memory pressure, they'll stay there. I'd be surprised only if I saw memory percentages were lower than, say, 85% on a regular basis (ballpark figure, don't take that as some magical target).

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