Mediocrity Defended

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  • Curiously, this very thing happened to me just after Larry drew this comic strip. I'd been editing an existing script in SSMS and went off to watch a DVD. When I got back to work, Vista had decided to upgrade itself. SSMS didn't keep a backup of my edits and destroyed three to four hours work. I know that I should have saved my work but it never occurred to me that SSMS was so stupid as to ditch all pending work when asked to shut down by the operating system. Some IDE! My other IDEs never lose anything.

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    Phil Factor

  • As the Cowardly Lion says, "Ain't it the truth? Ain't it the truth?"

  • Somewhere near the top of my list when I set up a new system is to set windows update to download the files and notify me, but don't install.

    Experience is a hard teacher. Been there, done that.


  • I hope you read that comment, Phil F! (The comment about setting up W****s so it doesn't auto-update without permission.)

  • Funny..... 🙂

  • Truth be told it seems like that is what MS automatic updates does to us

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