MDX or DAX cpu test?

  • SeeCoolGuy


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    so I have a few queries that when ran from excel, they take over a minute and a half... but the CPU or Memory usage reported by the server do not seem pegged.

    I'm trying to determine why these queries run so slow, DAX Studio yields a high FE time, which would lead me to think that it needs faster CPU, but the server humbly shows no more than 15% CPU usage?

    What are your thoughts on approaching this task?

    -- Francisco

  • Martin Schoombee


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    Excel is known for running less-than-ideal queries when it comes to cubes. Instead of just blindly throwing more resources at it, I would suggest looking at the query that's being executed against the cube first. There's not much you can do about the query that Excel is generating, but it may point you to some things you could tweak in the cube itself to try and improve performance.

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