MDX Filter() for a calculated measure

  • Hi folks,

    I am still quite new to MDX and have severe problems with the following task (beg your pardon for German language):

    The measure [Leistung] is aggregated on the database as max().

    Another, calculated measure [Leistung Zeitpunkt] is needed , wich delivers the date belonging to the maximum-value.


    I have tried to achive this with a filter on Date-Dimension, but it delivers only the very first non-empty element of Date-dimension:


    Thanks in advance for any hint.

    Bests, Matze

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  • I guess, the problem lies in the tuple. By using fixed elements you retrieve a correct result for this case, i.g.

    Filter (


    [Measures].[Leistung]= (


    [DATPKT].[Funktion].[Ebene 2].&[LG],





    But allready an incomplete repclacement with .CurrentMember leads to incomprehensive results:

    fixed element 2021 results in 2020


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  • A small step further on now, it is not the tuple itself.

    It gives back the correct value as you can see in measure [LogicalExprTuple].

    But this obviously does not work in the Filter-function.

    Is there any restriciton known?


  • Sorry, this is urgent to me, therfore I have posted this issue in the MS Q&A-Forum

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