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    Apparently, the MCSA 2016 Database Administration certification does NOT have a "Querying Data with Transact-SQL" (Exam 761) exam as a requirement ?  That is unlike the MCSA 2012/2014 which did have a "Querying SQL Server" (Exam 461) requirement.

    Why does the Database Administration certification not require the Transact-SQL exam ?

    OR I have misread the details about the certification ?


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    Microsoft change the certifications as and when they want.

    2012/2014 had a generic MCSA as they combined the tracks for MCSA, with specific MCSE's so you had to do a bit of development (461), administration (462) or BI (463) before you could do the specific MCSE in the corresponding topic.

    2016 they have split out the MCSA certification tracks like the 2008 certs, into Administration / Development / BI, so 461 is part of the Development 2016 MCSA

    Wouldn't be surprised if they combine them again for the next revision of the certification.

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