Maximum instances supported by SQL Server 2008

  • Well I'm confused. I'm currently studying for my MCTS in SQL Server 2008 and all the literature I have found up to this point suggests that instance support is 50 in Enterprise Edition and 16 in Standard Edition. This is cited by "The Real MCTS SQL Server 2008" study guide by Syngress and also the following link. Can someone please clarify as I wan't to be sure I know the correct answer for the exam!

    Many thanks

  • 50 and 16 are correct, as is very clearly stated on this link . The 50/50 referenced in the MSDN link is for the maximums for SQL Server 2008 for 32 bit and 64 bit, no mention of which edition.

    Here is the title row of that table:

    "SQL Server Database Engine object" "Maximum sizes/numbers SQL Server (32-bit)" "Maximum sizes/numbers SQL Server (64-bit)"

    Unfortunately the system told me I was wrong so I don't get the point for the correct answer, but I believe I get one for a post. So I guess it evens out...sort of.

    Alvin Ramard (5/18/2009)

    zzx375 (5/18/2009)

    Perhaps I am confused or simply don't understand the question or have a bad reference source.

    The whitepaper "SQL Server Consolidation with SQL Server 2008"

    Writer: Martin Ellis

    Reviewer: Prem Mehra,Lindsey Allen, Tiffany Wissner, Sambit Samal

    Published: March 2009

    Applies to: SQL Server 2008

    page ten, lists

    EditionMaximum instances

    SQL Server 2008 Standard 16*

    SQL Server 2008 Enterprise50*

    *Depending upon available system resources and workload

    Check out the link below. It's the one referenced in the answer. It states both Enterprise and Standard can handle 50.

  • ...ehh, irrelevant... 🙂

  • hi,

    I agree with the 50 instances for Enterprise and 16 for standard based on the following link that I read on MSDN>

    Can somebody tell me the difference between Multi-instance support and Max no of instances. Its kinda confusing 🙂


    Razi, M.

  • This is an awful mess, isn't it? Should it be 50 and 16 or 50 and 50?

    Well, actually, no: it depends whether the platform the instances are to be installed on is a standalone server or a failover cluster. The only answer option that says it depends on anything is the fourth and that says "depends on the OS" which is of course wrong, but it seemed to me to be less wrong than any of the others.

    Did the 50 50 or 50 16 question ever get resolved? Has the MS documentation been rendered consistent?

    And, of course, should everyone have been talking about whether it's 50 50 or 25 25 depending or 50 16 or 16 16 depending?


  • Hi everyone

    I was also confused with this que max num of instance per machine?

    does anyone support me if i say it to 150??

  • rahul.srungaram (5/12/2014)

    Hi everyone

    I was also confused with this que max num of instance per machine?

    does anyone support me if i say it to 150??

    As the question specifically refers to SQL Server 2008 I don't think anyone will believe 150. 150 may happen in some future edition, but it didn't happen yet, not even in SQL Server 2014.


  • thanks for reply

    if u can please check in help file of SQL index of help if you can type instance supported and hit enter

    you can find a topic multiple instances there it states that SQL server supports 50 instance for each Database engine , analysis services and reporting services i.e is 150 instances!!

    i m bit confused with this line can you help me figure out exact meaning of what it is referring to?

    any diff between multiple instance and max number of instanceS?

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