Master Data Services - SSIS MDM Load

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  • I have a different, I think better definition of master data. To me, master data is the result of high value transactions. For example, if Starbucks messes up a coffee order, they dump it and try again. That's not a master data transaction. However, when they buy or lease a store location, trust me, they don't throw the real estate away if they mess up the transaction.

    That's master data.

    Anything else is fluff and marketing hype.

  • Hi,

    If I have understood correctly your article shows how to populate the MDS staging tables.

    From the staging tables(e.g., tblStgMember), how do I put the data into the actual MDS entities?


  • That would be a Data Steward's job to commit the data after validating against the business rules.

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